Notes from a tour manager – Haitian Ambassador to the USA

20 Oct, 2011

Tonight’s show was attended by the Haitian Ambassador to the USA, his wife and most embassy staff.

As a special gesture, the Choir sang “Pou Ki Ayiti Kriye” (What is Haiti Crying for?) , a new song written by Teresita Romero Miranda on her return from the month-long aid mission to Haiti immediately following the earthquake there. It was only the third public airing of the song, a desperately beautiful lament turning into a passionately fast rhythm which first had the audience weeping openly then brought them to their feet to give the Choir a standing ovation.

We could not leave the venue for an hour and a half, such was the enthusiasm of the audience in the foyer after the show.

They simply would not let the Choir go.


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One Response to “Notes from a tour manager – Haitian Ambassador to the USA”

  1. Grete Viddal says:

    the Haitian ambassador? How great! Felicitaciones!

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