1 Apr, 2014

4 March 2014 was the 20th Anniversary of the Creole Choir of Cuba. I took the opportunity to visit them all in Camaguey, and we had a day outing with all their families to the Rancho de Belen. This is a beautiful country park which I am told used to be the ranch of General Gomez. It is now a bird sanctuary which is visited by “twitchers” from all over the world, who will often come and stay in the lovely cabins they have for a week or more. There is a large dining hall, and we organised with the director to have a great feast with a specially ordered hog. Apparently they went out hunting for it in the forest the day before! Two men were turning it on a wooden pole over the firepit from about 9 am until we ate at about 5 – what a job.

There was horseriding and nature walks and much merriment had beside the lovely pool. Even Emilia had a swim! I will try to post up some of the photos we took on that great day.

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