This is what the press are saying about the Choir on their US tour

“Celebratory, with brisk Haitian rhythms and endlessly inventive vocal combinations.” – The New York Times (New York City USA)

“Whether you came to hear something new or to join in as part of the entertainment, the exhilarating concert by the Creole Choir of Cuba at Strathmore on Wednesday was a real winner.” Strathmore show reviewed and published in the The Washington Post

“Exhilarating and meticulous at the same time…particularly strong and moving.” The Boston Globe

“A joyous fusion of old traditions and new.” The Washington Post Blog

“Radiantly intelligent and humane.” – Santa Barbara Independent (California USA)

The Creole Choir’s experience is just as much for the emotions and gut as it is for the ears and eyes. Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia USA)

The Dartmouth

“Cuban choir lures patrons to feet in traditional songs, dances at Laxson.” Chico Orion.

NHPR “Word of Mouth” (listen)

Carol Cooper’s Village Voice music blog.


Boston Phoenix

Show Preview in Hampton Roads

New Jersey Independent Press here and here

Amsterdam News

Boston Patriot Ledger

Portland Sun Journal

…operatically joyous…

The Creole Choir Of Cuba has become the island’s most celebrated export narrowly edging out cigars and rum. The music was almost operatically joyous, as music sprung from unhappiness often has to be.

imageThe Financial Times (UK)

… sublimely blended vocals and rousing carnival rhythms earned a rapturous welcome.

… their remarkable album, Tande-La (which translates as “listen”), a rich and eclectic melting-pot that earned them critical applause far beyond world music circles.

imageThe Times (UK)

…powerful, invocatory sound that has a huge impact live.

There’s still plenty of brio on this disc, a blend of haunting, near-operatic Christian fervour and visceral African drive, bellowed out by big, charismatic voices and an equally spirited chorus.

imageThe Daily Telegraph (UK)

An instantly striking release!

Captivating:interlocking vocal melodies the move between rousing defiance on Peze Cafe and heartfelt lament on L’Atibonite Oh; all sung over subtle Caribbean percussion that knows better than to get in the way of such beautiful voices.

imageQ Magazine (UK)

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